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A Guide to Hudspeth County Land and Living

Looking for your own slice of starry Texas desert skies away from the noise and bustle of cities and suburbs? Sierra Blanca, Dell City, even nearby Van Horn in Culberson County are great places to find affordable acres for living, “bugging out“, or just investment.

Delfina’s Kitchen just south of I-10 beside “Sierra Blanca Country Store” a gift shop
Watching a bug crawl over a small cactus plant

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Explore Sierra Blanca and the surrounding land for your own getaway uses

Sierra Blanca is about an hour from the city of El Paso along I-10, and about 25 minutes to Van Horn in Culberson County. It’s a quiet and serene atmosphere that can be otherworldly. Perhaps most importantly, land can be purchased for a small fraction of the price of land in other parts of Texas, and at costs unthinkable in other parts of the United States. An hour and 45 minutes North of Sierra Blanca is the small town of Dell City, which depending on how far north your land is in Hudspeth County, may be an alternate place to visit for supplies and dining. There are more “ranches” south of Sierra Blanca as well close to the old Indian Hot Springs, and these are more of a hilly nature near the over 6600 foot elevation Quitman Mountains (see image) that separate it and Sierra Blanca proper from the border with Mexico. This is in contrast to other small towns along I-10 to El Paso (and El Paso itself) which have no mountainous terrain separating them from Mexico, only the Rio Grande river. If you prefer hilly terrain to flat, you may find land south of Sierra Blanca is best for you, though you may need to compromise on the size of your land/lot.

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Check out some of the sites below that sell land in Hudspeth County and nearby Van Horn. The plots go rather quickly when they become available. I have no business relationship with these sites but I have been a customer of the land they offer and have gone through the incredibly simple process of purchasing land online from them before. Read more at the BLOG!

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Sunset Ranches

Sunset Ranches are to the north of Sierra Blanca

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